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Desktop7 Daemon2 Utility8 Command Line6 WWW5
Graphical4 Protocol2 Game1 Productivity/Office0 Database3
Security1 Education1 Printing0 Development3 Multimedia1
System8 User Interface7 Science0 Other3
ProjectOwnerDescriptionLatest Branch
bbicon inittab Desktop Iconification System 0.3.5beta
FlatButton inittab Various flat highlight buttons 0.76
gkrellmapcupsd inittab Gkrellm apcupsd monitor 0.02
gtkdict inittab GTK Dictionary script 1.0c
infoCDPlayer inittab Simple CD Player 1.0
iris inittab Video Conversion Utility (command and GUI) 0.75
jmv inittab Java MV 0.76
ldap2nis inittab LDAP Auth to NIS Maps 1.1
ldapuseradd inittab LDAP User Management Toolset 0.9.3
ListBoxLinks inittab Java Navigation Applet 0.75
mailserv inittab Mailsevlet and associated JSPs Pre-Alpha
modman inittab Modular Manual Browser 1.2
mod_jsp inittab Apache 2 JSP Module mod_jsp-0.02b.tar.bz2
mxterm inittab Motif XTerm 129
poker92 inittab Poker for TI-92+ 2.52.1
rmdup inittab Utility to remove duplicate files based on size, and filename or MD5. 1.0
solaris10pkgsrc inittab Solaris 10 Packages. 20050602
spamprobe_update_all inittab Automated Spamprobe Updating 1.1
tile inittab tiles windows 0.7.4
tzosdclock inittab Multi-timezone clock 1.0
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