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Interface Detail

All Superinterfaces:
Element, Node, Node, SOAPElement, SOAPFaultElement

public interface Detail
extends SOAPFaultElement

A container for DetailEntry objects. DetailEntry objects give detailed error information that is application-specific and related to the SOAPBody object that contains it.

A Detail object, which is part of a SOAPFault object, can be retrieved using the method SOAPFault.getDetail. The Detail interface provides two methods. One creates a new DetailEntry object and also automatically adds it to the Detail object. The second method gets a list of the DetailEntry objects contained in a Detail object.

The following code fragment, in which sf is a SOAPFault object, gets its Detail object (d), adds a new DetailEntry object to d, and then gets a list of all the DetailEntry objects in d. The code also creates a Name object to pass to the method addDetailEntry. The variable se, used to create the Name object, is a SOAPEnvelope object.

    Detail d = sf.getDetail();
    Name name = se.createName("GetLastTradePrice", "WOMBAT",
    Iterator it = d.getDetailEntries();

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 DetailEntry addDetailEntry(Name name)
          Creates a new DetailEntry object with the given name and adds it to this Detail object.
 Iterator getDetailEntries()
          Gets an Iterator over all of the DetailEntrys in this Detail object.
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Method Detail


public DetailEntry addDetailEntry(Name name)
                           throws SOAPException
Creates a new DetailEntry object with the given name and adds it to this Detail object.

name - a Name object identifying the new DetailEntry object
SOAPException - thrown when there is a problem in adding a DetailEntry object to this Detail object.


public Iterator getDetailEntries()
Gets an Iterator over all of the DetailEntrys in this Detail object.

an Iterator object over the DetailEntry objects in this Detail object

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