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Description: This is a set of two perl scripts to update the spam databases for every user that has one (based on spamprobe). Each user has mail folder contexts named Spam, Spam/NotSpam, and Spam/MissedSpam under their Maildir. The user can then move messages to the second two folders to be re-evaluated and teach spamprobe what is spam and what is not. Includes .forward and .mailfilter files to set up maildrop to filter spam when it is delivered. The .forward file takes care of mail delivery, but remember to update .fetchmailrc to use maildrop as well if your users use fetchmail. Designed to run from cron regularly for all users (spamprobe_update_all.pl) or explictly for individual users (spamprobe_update.pl username). Now includes convenient Makefile for installation and user-specific installation; see README.
Categories: Database, System, Other
Homepage: http://inittab.netizenweb.com/software.jsp
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